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Make work from home much more convenient with Youfind's Adjustable Laptop Stand!

• Sturdy, high-quality plastic build
• Adjustable height and body
• Non-slip padding
• Compatible with devices up to 15.6 inches
• 12 Months Warranty

With 8 different height levels, you can easily adjust the laptop according to your height or eye level for optimal posture.

Sturdy Construction
Youfind's Adjustable Laptop stand is built from premium-quality plastic and has non-slip padding for enhanced support.

Great Compatibility

With an adjustable body and 8 height levels, this stand can support your laptop, tablet, phone, and other devices too!

Easy to Carry
This stand is sturdy yet lightweight and can be easily folded for storage. The perfect option for those who travel often!

Q) How much weight can the stand hold?
Ans) It can hold up to 18kg.

Q) Can it be locked at the preferred height?
Ans) Yes, you can adjust and lock the height at 8 levels for greater convenience.

Q) Can I place the stand on my desk?
Ans) Yes, you can place it on your desk and your bed.

Q) Is the product compliant with Australian standards?
Ans) Yes, Youfind products comply with Australian standards. They also come with AU plugs for easy accessibility.

Q) Does it have a warranty?
Ans) Yes, all Youfind products come with a 12 months warranty.

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