Breathe Air Purifier

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Surround yourself and your family members with clean and fresh air with Youfind’s Breathe Air Purifier.

• Reduces dust and allergen particles in the air
• Get rid of smoke and other smells in the kitchen
• Made to ensure better sleep quality
• Portable - easy to fit in luggage

This air purifier uses ionized molecules to get rid of airborne dust particles, allergens and pollens from the air.

Improved Sleep Quality
This air purifier makes the air around you pure and free from any harmful elements and this can help you sleep better and soundly

No More Bad Odour
The Breathe Air Purifier also helps in eliminating smell or bad odour from your surroundings.

Easily Portable
Take your Breathe Air Purifier from one room to another or carry it with you in luggage and enjoy clean and fresh air wherever you go!

Q) Is this only for babies and infants?
Ans) No, it can be used by adults as well

Q) Will it help in improving my sleep?
Ans) Yes, it provides better air quality to help you sleep better

Q) Does this dry out air?
Ans) No, the humidity levels are still present yet dependable

Q) Can i add perfumes to it?
Ans) Yes, you can add perfumes for a better smell

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