Hotto Infrared Heater

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Hotto Infrared Heater Package: Heater Stand Only
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Create a comfortable and cozy environment with the Hotto Infrared Heater, a wall-mountable heater that works both indoors and outdoors.

• 100% UV-free
• Whisper-quiet operation
• 4 power settings
• 24-hour timer function
• Water-resistant IP55 and windproof design
• Last for 10,000 hours

The Hotto Eco Heat Pro has a 90-degree oscillation with a 20-degree tilt, allowing you to rotate and position the heater in different ways around your home.


Power: 2000W
Weight: 2.9kg
Range: 16-25 sq. metres

Package Includes

1x Hotto Infrared Heater
1x Remote Control
1x Instruction Manual

Advanced Technology
Save energy by choosing one of the 4 pre-set timer modes and control the environment around you with 3 temperature levels, keeping you warm at all times.

Easy to Use
The Hotto Infrared Heater has 4 power settings and comes with a remote control so that you can control it from the comfort of your couch.

Sun-like Warmth
This wall-mountable heater radiates warmth like sunlight onto you while saving energy and ensuring a cozy environment for you both indoors and outdoors.

Q) Is it wall-mountable only?
Ans) This heater is wall-mountable, but you can use it with a stand too.

Q) Can I leave the heater on at night?
Ans) Yes, you can leave the Hotto Infrared Heater on at night.

Tip: Use the 24hr timer function to turn it off with ease.

Q) Is a remote control included?
Ans) Yes, the heater comes with a bonus remote control.

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