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Youfind’s Long Neck Phone Holder is the perfect phone accessory for your car. Easily carry, charge, and hold your phone, all in one place with our brand new car phone holder!

• Easy to Install
• Easy Quick-release buttons
• Adjustable and extendable
• Supports easy access charging
• 12 Months Warranty

No Messy Wires

Hold your phone in one place and say goodbye to messy and tangled wires in your car!

View your Phone at any angle

With adjustable angles and length, you can view your phone at an angle of your choice. Convenience personified!

Q) Where can I mount it?
Ans) You can easily mount it on your dashboard or windshield

Q) What do I need to do first?
Ans) You need to open the lock lever before using

Q) Can I rotate and adjust it’s height?
Ans) Yes, it can rotate at 360 degrees and you can adjust it as per your need

Q) Can it hold only apple phones?
Ans) It can hold both apple and android phones

Q) Is the product compliant with Australian standards?
Ans) Yes, Youfind products comply with Australian standards. They also come with AU plugs for easy accessibility.

Q) Does it have a warranty?
Ans) Yes, all Youfind products come with a 12 months warranty.

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