Multi-Function Exercise Board

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All you need is Youfind’s Multi-Function Exercise Board for a full body workout!. The color coding will help you keep track of what muscles you are targeting!

• Adjustable tension
• Anti-slip base
• Color coded to isolate muscle groups
• Modular design
• Portable & foldable
• Helps to keep your New year's resolution intact
• 12 Months Warranty

This board works perfectly as a supporting piece of equipment for squats, taps, and press ups!

Package includes:

• 2 x PVC Leather pads
• 2 x Push-up handles
• 2 x Resistance bands
• Bar
• Power push up board
• Product Manual

Portable and Foldable

Easy to store and no assembly required

Color Coded
The exercise board color codes to isolate muscle groups so you can keep track of what parts you are targeting

Anti Slip Base
The anti slip base ensures your safety and keeps the board sturdy

Q) Is this easy to carry?
Ans) Yes, it can be folded easily and is portable for carrying around

Q) Does this have push-up handles?
Ans) Yes it has 2x push-up handles

Q) How is the quality of the pads?
Ans) The pads are made of PVC leather, which is a great quality of pads

Q) Do i get a manual?
Ans) Yes, you get a complete and detailed manual

Q) Will i slip on the base?
Ans) No, you wont as this has an anti-slip base

Q) Can it be used by people who have a medical history?
Ans) PLEASE CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR, or other qualified healthcare professional before using this product.

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