NexFan Desktop Cooler

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Stay cool all year long with the NEXFAN UV-C Air Cooler!

• 2-in-1 air humidifier & purifier
• Nanosilver ion filter
• UV-C light kills 99.9% of bacteria
• 3 speeds with mist control
• Quiet operation

This desktop cooler is equipped with a small yet powerful fan that promotes air circulation and UV-C light that aids in killing bacteria in still water.


Output voltage: 5V
Capacity: 500ml
Unit Size: 14.5 x 16cm

Easy to Operate
All you need to do is add water to the tank, plug in the power, click the fan button and the fan will be ready to go!

Pleasant Aroma
You can also add your favourite scent to the water tank and reap the benefits of aromatherapy to relax and revive while working.

Easy to Carry
Take your NexFan Desktop Cooler with you anywhere you go and enjoy a cool breeze while working!

Q) Can I move it from one place to another?
Ans) Yes, this is a lightweight and portable desktop cooler that you can easily carry anywhere you go.

Q) How long can it run for?
Ans) It can easily work for 4-6 hours at full capacity. After that, you'll have to refill the tank.

Q) Can I wash the filter?
Ans) Yes, you can easily remove the filter and wash it whenever needed.

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