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Youfind’s True Sounds Wireless Headphones are great for listening to music or watching TV without disturbing others!

• Transmits up to 30m
• Works on any tv Audio Output
• Easy to install

They have extra comfy soft earpads, built in mic transmitter, and an FM Radio!

Package Includes

• Wireless Headphone
• Wireless Sound Monitoring
• FM Radio
• Net Chat
• Wired Headphone

5 in 1 capabilities!
Use it as a:
• FM Radio
• Net Chat
• Wired Headphone
• Wireless Headphone
• Wireless Sound Monitoring

Easy to Use and Install
Works on any TV Audio Output and is easy to instal.

Q) Is this speaker rechargeable?
Ans) Yes, you don’t need to plug it in for use

Q) How many Watts is the wireless party light speaker?
Ans) 700 watts

Q) Is this compatible with android phones?
Ans) Yes, this can be linked with both android and iphone phones.

Q) Does it come with a micro-phone?
Ans) No, it does not

Q) Can this device be connected with laptops?
Ans) Yes, this wireless device can be paired with any wireless devices.

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