Walk 2 Lose Compact Foldable Treadmill

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A walk every day is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle! Start today with Youfind’s Walk 2 lose Compact Foldable Treadmill!

• 1 HP powerful motor allows 1-10km/hr speed range
• 6 Pre-set Modes
• High-quality speakers
• Integrated entertainment allows music to play through built-in speakers
• LED display of speed, time, distance, calories and more
• Magnetic safety key
• Perfect for any fitness level, multiple functions and time ranges!
• Small and compact design with wheels – easy to fold, move and store
• User-friendly controls
• Weight capacity 110KG
• Wireless Connectivity

Be it rainy or sunny - achieve your daily steps target with this compact and portable treadmill from the comfort of your home!

Built-In Speakers
Enjoy your favourite music with the built-in speakers while working out!

Magnetic Safety Key
Your safety is ensured with the Magnetic Safety Key

Compact & Foldable
Easy to store and move because of its foldable design

Q) What is the power of this product?
Ans) It has a 1 HP powerful motor which allows 1-10km/hr speed

Q) Does this come with built-in speakers?
Ans)Yes, these allow you to play music or watch videos while using this device

Q) Does this come with wheels?
Ans) Yes, it does

Q) How many pre-set modes?
Ans) It comes with 6 pre-set modes

Q) What is the weight capacity?
Ans) It has the weight capacity upto 110kgs

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